Training Philosophy:

  • Creating horse/human positive relationships .
  • Starting from a logical, solid base of ground work while thoroughly working toward safe & comfortable riding and driving.
  • Horse owner observation and involvement is encouraged for best results!
  • Striving for versatile, content & safe horses and ponies.

Specializing in recreational riding--indoors and out . Miles of trails and bridle paths available for trail training.  Training also available for pleasure & 4-H riding and driving as well as basic open showing.  

Call and find out when you can observe Jennifer when training- - she welcomes the chance to show you what she offers. Ask questions and get acquainted!  262-514-2797



Training Options:

Approximately 1 hour sessions once or more a week depending on your Training Option selection.

Full Time Private Board Training: 4 sessions per week.  $690/month

Full Time Exclusive Board Training: 4 sessions per week.   $750/month

Part Time Private Board Training: 2 sessions per week.   $490/month

Part Time Exclusive Board Training: 2 sessions per week.   $550/month

Maintenance Private Board Training : 1 session per week.   $390/month




Training Includes:

Private Board Training means your horse is kept in a large paddock with a run-in and may have one or two other horses to form a small group.

Exclusive Board Training means your horse is kept in a large paddock with one or two other horses during the day and comes into a stall during the night.