15th Annual Youth Day Camps


Session Theme Date Availability Time
Session 1*
Open May 29-June 1 Cancelled 8am - 12pm
Session 2 Open June 4-8 FULL 8am - 12pm
Session 3 Open June 11-15 FULL 8am - 12pm
Mini Camp #1**
Open ages 5-8 June 12-14  T-Th PM FULL 1pm - 5pm
Session 4 Open June 18-22 FULL 8am - 12pm
Session 5
Advance Camp June 18-22 FULL 1pm - 5pm
Session 6 Open June 25-29 FULL 8am - 12pm
Mini Camp #2*** Open  June 25-29  M-W PM 5S 1A 1pm - 5pm 
Session 7 Jump Camp July 9-13 FULL 8am - 12pm
Weekend Camp**** Open July 13-15 F-Sun PM 5S 1R 1pm - 5pm
Session 8 Open July 16-20 FULL 8am - 12pm
Session 9 Teen Camp July 23-27 FULL 8am - 12pm
Session 10 Open July 30-Aug 3 FULL 8am - 12pm
Session 11 Open Aug 6-10 FULL 8am - 12pm
Session 12 Open Aug 13-17 FULL 8am - 12pm
AVAILABILITY KEY : A=Available Spots   R=Request Made     S=Secured Camper    FULL=All Spots Secured


OPEN Any one may request to be in this session (Ages 7-17)
ADVANCED CAMP  Leasers/Owners and Prior Approval
JUMP CAMP  Prior Approval Required
TEEN CAMP  13+ Years

Each Regular Session is limited to 6-7 Students.

****We reserve the right to cancel or offer alternative date(s) due to demand.****
Prices Subject to Change

*Session 1 is 4 day camp with Wednesday May 30th being a full day of camp.*

 **Mini Camp #1: 3 Day Session for students aged 5-8 years.  Limited to 4 students**
***Mini Camp 2 made available to older riders and will allow up to 6 students***
****Weekend Camp: 3 Day Afternoon Session running Friday-Sunday.****

Personally owned horse may be brought with prior approval. Space is limited and extra fees may apply.

Required : New, young and inexperienced riders must have 2 lessons prior to camp.


$285/Student/Session includes Sun Fire Stables t-shirt, water bottle, fun show with ribbons awarded and photo memorabilia.

Multi-Session Discount/Student for 2 sessions (2 sessions maximum allowed per student/Only 1 T-shirt and 1 Water Bottle given out.) $275/Student/Session.

Mini Camp Pricing: $205/Student/Session

***Weekend Camp Pricing: $220/Student/Session

$75.00 Non-refundable Deposit Required

If you plan on signing up for Youth Day Camp, please email to confirm the top 3 requested session(s) are available. Then fill out the 2018 Youth Day Camp Agreement form; and if you do not have an Indemnity, Emergency or Rules form on file with us, please print and fill them out as well. Mail in or drop off the completed form(s) along with a $75 check for the deposit. Dates are only secure when deposit and completed forms are submitted.

Here is a form to Fill In on the Computer Then Print off: 2018 YDC Agreement Form and sign it to send in with your deposit.  Or Print to Manually Fill In: 2018 Youth Day Camp Agreement for you to hand write in all the information and sign to send in with your deposit.  Please make sure you choose a T-shirt size as this information is necessary before camps start.  There is a short survey attached to the agreement along with the rules form.  Please answer the survey for each child coming to camp. 



What A Day At Youth Day Camp Is Like

Youth Day Camp time is 8am - 12 noon daily. Students are invited to come as early as 7am to help feed. Rider Ages: 7-17

Youth Day Camp Schedule (approximate and weather permitting)

      • 7am-8am Feeding (optional AM camp)
      • HR 1: Get horse/pony, groom, tack up, lead down to arena
      • HR 2: Handling and riding in arena, game or skill of the day
      • HR 3: Untack, groom, put horse/pony away, clean up
      • HR 4: Break for lunch along with trivia, game or discussion
      • HR 5: Learning about horses, project or hands on activity
      • 5pm-6pm Feeding (optional PM camp)

No worries if there happens to be inclement weather, indoor arena available for riding or other indoor activities are available or a field trip to another equine facility or tack shop may be arranged.

**Last day of camp is fun show day that parents, family and friends are invited to watch the skills the students have achieved and awards.**




Necessities for Youth Day Camp

Items to Bring: Bag Lunch, Drink, Sunscreen, Bug spray   (Refrigerator and Microwave available)
Clothes to Include: Light Jacket, Boots/Shoe with Heel, Long Pants, Own Helmet if desired (Helmets provided at stable), Raincoat as needed.